Now I know what you're thinking. I live in bloody England and I've bought myself some pretty snazzy glasses in the midst of storm Katie. I know, I know.

The Quay 'Kosha 1.3'

Quay is an Australian brand that I stumbled across whilst shopping in Topshop, they have a concession stand in my local one selling copious amounts of pretty sunglasses. Knowing me though, trying on every single pair I still went for the black ones. Woops.

They're kinda like a subtle cat eye cross with a wayfarer, I love them because they compliment my eyeliner so well, and although pretty understated they have something different about them with the way they're shaped.

For only £25 quid they're a bit of a bargain with how well they're made and how individual they are. Topshop also threw in a free glasses case! (they must have known how much stuff I have lurking at the bottom of my bag)

Find them here

I'll stop babbling about sunglasses now, but be warned. I'm addicted.