My daily skincare routine- Lush products!


For many years I've struggled with acne and combination skin, I'm 20 years old now and still fighting back the face demons, I've tried every type of spot related brands and skincare but I also have the most sensitive skin known to mankind so it isn't an easy battle.

After trying many many brands I decided to try out Lush products, not the first brand that pops into mind for skincare but I gave it a go and oh my god my life has changed.

Trust me if you want your face to feel as smooth as a baby's bottom head into Lush. (Is that a desirable thing, idk)


Ultrabland is a facial cleanser, I use this to take my makeup off in the evening and sometimes in the morning if I've been a lazy f**k and slept in my night out makeup. Oops. If you've seen how much eyeliner I wear and how little makeup I have left after using it you'll know its pretty good. To use I smooth it all over my face and remove gently with a warm flannel, Soooo good in the evening as its so soothing on the skin and really helps me to relax. 


This right here is my saviour. Use it on its own, use it part of your regime but it works and is my bezzie mate. Tea tree is known to help reduce spots but normally with other brands I've tried it's also mixed in with lots of other chemically stuff which I have no clue about, with this there's tea tree water, grapefruit water and ingredients that occur in naturally in essential oils. It's so refreshing and I've noticed a decrease in spots when I started to use it. There's something comforting knowing all the ingredients that the stuff your smothering all over your face everyday has in it, instead of taking a chemistry degree to know what your moisturiser contains. Right?


Think butter for your face. This was kindly given to me by a lady at lush for free, they have a certain amount of products they can give away to customers as part of there policy! Without this woman at the Derby Lush store I wouldn't of fallen in love with all these products. This makes your skin the softest it'll ever feel, seriously. Go into lush and try it and you'll fall in love. I've struggled with oily skin for a while which is why I'm hesitant to try moisturisers, but with this it helps to actually reduce the oil on my skin. Its quite pricey and hard to get out of the pot as its quite a hard waxy consistency but so worth it all. As you warm it up between your fingers it turns to a silky, buttery texture. Seriously try it out at Lush. 

I've been using these products for just over a month now and I cant believe how much I love them all.
They've really helped to reduce my oily skin and not triggered my sensitive skin at all, which is more than I could ever say for other brands. I've also seen a reduction in my acne too!

Freya x

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