Kiko Eyeshadows

You'll never see me in anything other than black, apart from my eyes. 

KIKO have recently opened a shop up in Nottinghams Viccy centre, the one time I was able to wade through the mass ammount of people in there I came out with the worlds supply of sparkly eyeshadow. My new obsession is caking it on until people can see me from a mile away and all I can see is silver specks. Eyeshadow rehab here I come.


This eyeshadow is guaranteed to ruin all soft furnishings in your house but its beautiful on the lid, its very very pigmented so a little goes a long way and the glitter payoff is amazing. I'm in love. This one was a little more expensive but totally worth it and is deffo the best one I purchased.


This is my second favourite and swatches exactly this colour when used. A little less sparkly than the black one but totally more wearable and works well as the only colour on the lid or used wet for an eyeliner. I'm really into bold colours on my eyes at the moment with of course my felt tip like black winged eyeliner.


This one isn't that sparkly but works well as a crease colour or with other sparkly eyeshadows on top. I've been wearing this a lot for work as it's very blend-able and works well to create a subtle smokey eye. Like all the other eyeshadows bought its very build-able and pigmented.


This is the best gold eyeshadow ever, a bit risky with the colour but on a night out its amazing. I like to use it to line the under of my eyes and my wing of my eyeliner and I reckon It looks pretty good ya know. Its super glittery and does fall when your putting it on, but nothing a q-tip can't fix. 

I tried to swatch them but I put the swatches on my right hand and then tried to take a photo with my left hand and it was messy so I apologize that I'm not a snazzy beauty blogger just yet. A girl can dream. I have the same levels of coordination as when I'm three bottles of prosecco down though so maybe not.

Freya x

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