Jaime xx- In colour album

Jaime xx is and always will be my favourite artist. 

My love for house music, garage and old school house has all stemmed for Jaime xx. From the age of 14 I sat in school in my break times with my headphones in exploring a world of music on soundcloud and stumbling upon my now favourite artist 6 years later. 

His music transports you into a different place and is the perfect album to listen to when you want to get away from things and relax for a bit. His album includes tracks with lyrics, his infamous steel pan work and bass drops along with magical melodies which sound bloody amazing in some good headphones.

My all time favourite track on his album is Sleep Sound. It guides you in with tuneful melodies along with a bass track which runs alongside beautifully. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

I could talk about my love for music for literally years but that'd be boring, right?

Give him a go if you want to chill for a bit.

Freya x

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