Inspiration v.1

Long time no see...
When I knew I wanted to start blogging again I realised my old blog set-up no longer portrayed me. Style changes and evolves, and mine has since blogging two years ago. So I thought the best introduction to me after such a long time would be with a 'what inspires me' post. 
because who cares about stupid factfiles anyway

Recently I've been heavily inspired by Mens fashion, the baggy silhouettes work to create an androgynous look, which I personally love. Dark colours with gold tone accessories have also been a favourite, I've loved the basics trend, with a student budget I can't afford to splash out on expensive clothes, so I've learnt to work with £2 basic tops and jeans (thank you charity shops)
 My obsession with winged eyeliner still remains however, I love the way it works to create a put together makeup look when realistically it takes like 4 seconds, basically I've become a lazy student in my absence!

 I'm hoping to evolve this blog more into a lifestyle/fashion blog. I'm wanting to involve my photography and artwork into it too, so let me know what you think.

Currently listening to: Mellowhype's album 

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  1. the inspirations are amazing.

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