Thursday ramble.

I didn't realise that I haven't blogged for nearly a month! Sorry about that it just feels like college stuff is taking over everything. Don't really feel like 'Thursday ramble' is a title that will catch on, but it's Thursday and I'm having a ramble.

Recently I've been thinking of making a new blog. It would be like a fresh start and if it was my own I'd be able to make it more personal and maybe turn it into a lifestyle/fashion blog. I've been meaning to start it for ages but it's quite time consuming sorting out the layout and all the widgets you want to put on the side etc etc etc. I can't even come up with a blog name so that's not really a good start. (do you think I should make a new blog or would you rather I carry on on here??)

Also feel like I don't have any time recently. I've got exams in May so might need to start revising soon, then I have loads of Photography coursework, but I have decided that even though college is quite important, I should also find time to do the things I like - such as blogging! Which means I am hopefully going to organise my time better so I can fit blogging around college stuff. 

I've never done a ramble before but there we go that's what's going on in my head and I'm going to try and set up a new blog now (need to think of a name for it ah). 

Please comment your thoughts on this whole new blog idea!

Lots of love

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