What's in my satchel

My satchel came! (about two weeks ago but haven't got round to posting it yet)
So I was going to do a post about my satchel but thought it might be a bit boring so I'm turning it into one of those 'what I have in my bag' kind of posts.

 Here my satchel! It was £82 and it's 14.5 inches wide and I love it! It makes a change from carrying a rucksack around college.
So this is what's in my bag! It's not really that exciting because I've been to college so it's just notebooks and pens etc. 

Hello Kitty Liberty mirror and purse (Christmas presents so not sure where they're from)
Probably noticed by now that I'm a little tiny bit obsessed with Hello Kitty... but here's my phone with my Hello Kitty phone case! (I don't have two it's just magical photoshop work) carry my phone around with me everywhere in case of emergencies (and twitter)
Mentos and Vaseline because you never know when you'll need vaseline! and mentos just taste nice. 

Topman mittens/fingerless gloves (they're fingerless gloves that turn into mittens) because it's cold and winter-y.

Lots of Love

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