So I run, like I'm mad.


lookbook's gone a bit weird so apologise for the bit that says '<!--END' it won't go away. 

Hello! Me and my boyfriend went into the woods the other day and took some photos so I decided to turn it into an outfit post yay 

My parka coat is from Tesco, my tartan scarf is from Baklash vintage in Nottingham, my Dr Martens are from the Dr Marten shop in Nottingham, my beanie hat is from New Look. The jumper and mittens are from Topman because sometimes guys clothes are comfier yep.

I checked the Zatchel's website and my satchel could take up to 30 days to come wah :( 

Might do a wishlist later, if anyone wants a wishlist? 

If anyone wants us to do a specific posts like a review about something etc then just comment and we shall see what we can do! 

Lots of Love

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  1. love the colour of your parka, such a good tesco find!
    Your so pretty, love your hair x