I'm finding it really hard to choose a satchel, there's so many! I've been obsessed with satchels since I heard about the Cambridge Satchel Company, but they are a bit pricy so I've been searching for other slightly cheaper ones. 

Cambridge Satchel - £104

This satchel is really similar to the Cambridge Satchel but cheaper - £82

So because I am constantly looking for the cheaper option I will probably go for the Zatchel. Both of the satchels come in loads of colours and styles like pastel, floral, metallic, etc so they are both equally lovely (but Zatchels are cheaper). 

Zatchels here - click click click
Cambridge Satchels here - click click click

If you want a distressed looking satchel I found another website. 
Medium Satchel with front pocket and handle
Vida Vida have a range of satchels in different sizes and styles that have the distressed leather look. This one is £75
Zatchel also do a distressed satchel in the Junkyard collection and it's £109
This post was a bit messy but what I'm saying is I want a satchel but I don't know which one to get. (help)

Lots of Love

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