Merry (late) Christmas!

Did everyone have a nice Christmas? This post is a bit late but I've been busy so better late than never! 

I tried to post the lookbook picture onto here but it's not working so here's the link -  Merry (late) Christmas! hype it please!

I wore this outfit on Christmas day (but only just got round to blogging it). The skirt and top are from American Apparel. I finally got a tartan skirt yay! It's really thick so it's perfect for Winter. I got my Dr Martens for Christmas, it's hard to tell on the picture but they're dark purple. My socks are from Topshop, they're called 'slouchy over the knee' which means they're too big and fall down - a bit annoying. 

I went sale shopping yesterday but all I bought was a Fred Perry polo top and a tartan scarf (only £5!). I don't like sales, they're too mess and I can never be bothered to look for stuff, might have to do a bit of online shopping to avoid messy sales. If I do find more nice things in the sales then I might do a haul (maybe).

Should probably start doing revision now (ugh)

Lots of Love

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