Last minute Christmas shopping?

I realised I haven't blogged in a while (mock exams and photography/english coursework etc) and we haven't done a christmassy post so I thought I'd talk about Christmas present ideas! I know it's a bit late but we can call it emergency last minute shopping blog post.

This lovely jumper is from Topshop. It would be a lovely christmassy gift. There are more here ranging from £40-£60 click click click
(if you live in Nottingham, the vintage shops such as Cow and Rewind have lots of Christmas knitwear from £10)

Image of Snowflake Earrings
Image of Snowman Necklace
Pretty festive necklaces from Little Teacup - perfect as a stocking filler!

I love this hat so much. It's so festive and cute. £15 from River Island, to see their other beanie hats click here

Lush always have lots of lovely smelly things that you can buy on their own to make your own gift here
or you can buy ready wrapped gift boxes here

I wanted to find some pretty Christmas socks to add to this list - because everyone loves socks - but I couldn't find any, of course you could still buy normal socks that aren't festive! 

Merry Christmas!
Lots of Love

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