Wishlist 12/10/12

Hey! We haven't really done a wishlist in a while so here's one now.
I can never find coats I like but I love this one from Topshop
Lilac Dr Martens because lilac is my favourite colour, sadly I can't find any in stock anywhere :(
Image of Unicorn Earrings

Unicorn earrings from Little Teacup Jewellery
aw they're so cute

Dungarees from Topshop

So that's about it, I mean there's loads of stuff I want. But I'll have to wait until after Christmas to have money wah :(

Me and Freya are going to the Nottingham bloggers meet up tomorrow ah I'm excited.

Lots of Love

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  1. That topshop coat is in the sale, I think I saw it today :) And thankyou for the link to Little Teacup! x