Into the path of a lightning bolt.

Still not sure about these shoes but I like them because they're colourful

My £3 playsuit ah I love hm and it's bargains! 

Me and my boyfriend being cute 

So I went on a bike ride today and thought because it's sunny I might as well take some outfit of the day like pictures (hype the lookbook post please). My mother gave me this denim jacket and I can hardly wear it with anything because I spend my life in high waisted Levi's, but today I could finally wear it yay! 

Anyway, I don't want to ramble too much because I need to go to bed, results day tomorrow so I've got to be up early for the first time in months.

Remember to hype the lookbook post! 

Just thought I'd add, the title from this post is lyrics from this song  check it out because he's from Nottingham and has an amazing voice (my favourite song at the moment)

Lots of Love

ps, Wish me and Freya luck for tomorrow (eeeek) 

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