Tie dye obsession.

I was going to do a splendour (music festival in Wollaton Park) post today but the only picture I can find of what me and Freya wore is on the Capital fm website and it won't let me copy it. So, I thought I'd do a random post about tie dye, because I like tie dye.

This top is from COW Vintage. When I bought it, it was a tshirt but I cut the neck and the sleeves off and ta-dah! It was around £6 when I bought it.

This top is also from COW Vintage. It was around £11 and it probably my favourite one. The stripy pattern is really interesting and different and it's so colourful!

I'm not sure if this counts as a tie dye anymore... It's from American Apparel and was £6.50. It was in the sale and the only size left was XL so I thought 'it's cheap so I may as well buy it'. The problem is that every time I wash it, it gets bigger and more see-through. I think it's down to my knees now but I can't wear it as a dress because it's nearly transparent. oops.

I'm wearing my levi cut-offs from COW in all these pictures.

Tie dye.

Oversized tee

American Apparel burnout tee

Urban Renewal vintage

Mini shorts

Cotton shorts

Tie dye skirt

American apparel
I am obsessed. I think it's the weather. It just seems perfect weather for tie dyes... even though I wear tie dyes all the time in any weather anyway. (ah rambling)

(The picture of the guy in the pink tshirt is what my American Apparel tshirt is suppose to look like)

So that was a rather random post. Here's what me and Freya wore to Splendour (also some of our friends) 

Lots of Love

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