Hold me close don't let me go.

Hey! As promised, I have done an outfit of the day. (hype it) In the first look I'm wearing my dipped hem skirt from Primark which was £10. I finally got one! And I love it, it's hard to wear in this weather though as it doesn't look right with a hoodie or jacket so I'll just have to wear it in warmer weather. I am also wearing my Bb tshirt from American Apparel which was around £18 last year (I think they've raised the price a bit now). Also wearing my daisy socks from Topshop, these are defiantly my favourite socks. And I'm wearing my night walks! I am in love with them. I've wanted them for ages and prom was the perfect excuse to finally get them! Even though they don't have a heel, they are quite easy to walk in once you get the hang of it. They are really comfortable but after wearing them for 5 hours at my prom, I have to admit, my feet were dying. But that is understandable as they are 7 inches. 

The second look is the same as the first just with my yinyang tshirt from ebay and my frilly socks from Topshop.

Also, I dyed my hair lilac last week. When I first did it, it was really bright and nearly blue. However, it's faded really quickly and the blonde is coming through a lot. My extensions are still bright because I don't need to wash them as much as my natural hair. It costed about £15 to buy 3 tubs of hair dye to get it to look like this so I think I need to look for something more permanent that doesn't fade as quickly. If anyone knows of anything, drop a comment please

Lots of Love 

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