Alternative Fashion show.

On Monday evening we were invited to an Alternative Fashion Show held in the Pitcher and Piano in Nottingham. The event showed collections from Lady Allura, Omnom Latex and Ferox Clothing. It was a really good evening and we're so thankful for being invited. The event was organised to raise money for the children's charity M.H.C.P.

I took about 100 photos at the event and I can't post them all on here, so here are some of the best ones and some of mine and Freya's favourites from all of the collections. 

When someone mentions latex, a lot of negative connotations spring to mind, and to be honest when I heard latex I thought pretty much the same as anyone else would. However when I was there and saw the clothes in the show I realised that just because something is made from latex, doesn't mean it has to belong to a fetish of some sort. I love the way the designers can make a dress flow as though it was made from fabric when it's made from latex. 

Mine and Freya favourite collection is the Lady Allura Fetish collection. We loved the big colourful beads on the outfits and the jewellery was beautiful. The collection with animal print is Ferox clothing and Omnom Latex is the collection with the sailor theme. Lady Allura had 3 collections, one based one pin-up girls, one based on kawaii and Japanese fashion and the final one was the fetish collection.

To see more pictures from the event click here click click click

Me and Freya both had a really good evening and would like to thank Show me events for inviting us. 

Lots of Love

ps. we are going to do a post about the guest of the fashion show either tomorrow or in the next few days because we thought it would make this post too big. 


  1. hey there :) is there any way of seeing the other pictures you took? i was one of the models and wou;ld be very interested in seeing some of myself :) thanks xx

  2. Hello! we will be posting all the other photos either on here or on the facebook page soon, as one of us is on holiday, we will contact you when they're up! xx