Summer wishlist.

So it's June and even though it might not feel like it, it's suppose to be Summer. Here's a wishlist for this sunny season!

HM Bikini
7.99 for the bottoms
9.99 for the top
I love the detail on the top and it's quite cheap. (forever looking for bargains)

Black Milk swimsuit
I absolutely love Black Milk and it's graphic and detailed clothes. This swimsuit is perfect but a bit on the pricey side.

Topshop Sunglasses
I love the glittery arms, it makes them look really cute and pretty.

Inlovewithfashion dipped hem dress
I am in love with dipped hem. This dress would be perfect to wear on a warm Summer evening.
And check out this pretty website I found > http://inlovewithfashion.com/

Office espadrilles
Espadrilles are perfect for the beach or just to wear on a hot day. I love the Hawaiian themed pattern on these.

Just a quick wishlist whilst I have some free time. Also, I got Night walks! Finally! I'll probably make a blog post dedicated to them tomorrow or soon, so be looking out for it! 

Lots of love

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