I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me.

 Hey there! I've final finished all my art and all my graphics so I've got time spare in my life to do blogging! Yay :) 
This is going to be a really random post, like a haul, outfit of the day and other stuff all mixed together woo :)

So I've stuck stuff on my wall. I thought it looked really bare and all I had on the wall was my Florence and the Machine poster (from Freya) and I got these Jack Wills posters sent to me because I signed up to be on the clearance thing about a year ago. I don't really like Jack Wills clothes but these pictures are quite pretty so I stuck them up anyway. I got this bunting from Evolution and it goes across my whole room. The thing with birds on it is a photo holder but it's empty... sad times...


I put on a wishlist a while ago that I wanted some Plattan Urbanears headphones but they were a bit steep at £50. So I went into HMV to browse and whatever, and I saw these. They look really similar to the Urbanears ones and they still sound amazing but they are £30! So I had to buy them right? 

This was £15 from Topshop. 

Whenever I buy tshirts or any top really, I always get a size way to big because I love bag tops, so this is another one to add to my collection. It was £10 from Topshop. They have them in loads of colours but I got this one because it's pastel (obsessed)

I think I've already done a post about my galaxy leggings but close up! (£22, Topshop)

Outfit of the day bit

Hi you can't see my face but I like this picture. I also got this ear cuff (if you can see it) from Topshop. It's two feathers and a gold chain. They don't really fit on my ears though wah :( 

Tshirt - Ebay
Shorts - Cow (vintage)

Lots of love

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