Bleached everything.

Hey! For ages I've really wanted a galaxy print tshirt but they are hard to find and can be expensive, so about a week ago I decided to just try and make my own. 

And this is my attempt at making a galaxy top, even though it doesn't look like galaxy, to be honest it looks more like fire but I really like the effect. I was going to do a proper step by step DIY post for this but all I did was throw bleach (not very safe I know) at the tshirt when it was hanging up in the shower. I also put some bleach into a spray bottle with some water so there is some areas of the tshirt that are just faded orange. After I'd done that I left it for a bit so the bleach could work it's magic, then I just washed it in the washing machine. Easy.

 I also bleached my jeans but I think they would look better as shorts so I will probably cut them up, I need more shorts anyway. 
And galaxy leggings! For these rather than throwing the bleach, I laid them in the bath and poured it on in circles. I also used the spray bottle to make the faded parts. 

So that was a post about me throwing bleach at stuff! And our third post of the day. Wow. Since we've finished school we will probably be blogging every day. 

Lots of love

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