Country Outings

A few weeks ago I visited Chee Dale valley in Derbyshire, if your near the area you should definitely drop in because it is absolutely beautiful!

The lovely man we met with his pet owl! he rescued him off the internet, we see him
regularly in the town centre taking his 'bird' for a walk ;) he also has a very old adorable 
scotty dog who seems to be jealous of his new feathery friend..

An old railway bridge in Chee Dale, you can either walk along the old railway
line and through the tunnels and even hire a bike, or go through the valley 
under the bridges. We did both and it ended up being a 5 hour walk!

The stepping stones over the fast flowing river, which I nearly fell off :(

I didn't do my outfit as it consisted of ugly walking boots and a bright flowery water proof jacket, but it was handy because it rained, alot! and the rain hasn't seemed to cease two weeks along, please hurry up summer!

Lots of love 

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