Hello! It's Sophie here. I did the German exchange this year so I spent a week in Germany and it was amazing, apart from the fact I couldn't understand half of what people were saying! Anyway, here are some pretty pictures.  

My eyes look funny, but the weather was nice that day. 
German pretzel woo :) 

Here's me looking like a tourist.
Coat - H&M
Jumper - Cow Vintage

I tried not to spam you with too many pictures. Here's my flickr if you want to see more; click click click

And because this is actually a fashion blog, I'll show you the German fashion magazine I bought. 

I haven't tried reading it but the pictures are pretty. One of the reasons I bought it was because it had Charlotte Free on the cover (obsession). 

So this post was a bit random and messy but it's by me so what do you expect? I just wanted to show people how pretty Germany is to be honest. 

Lots of Love


ps I miss German wah 

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