Winter is on the way...

I know it seems that Summer is only just over and we probably don't want to be thinking about winter just yet, but we have to think about our Winter wardrobes for the chilly months that are coming and this year it's all about big, long, woolly jumpers. 

Astro Navy Geometric Boatneck Jumper
Stella McCartney jumper

Topshop jumper

Topshop Jumper

H+M Jumper

(I have this one and I love it!)

Topshop have loads of amazing jumpers but I couldn't put them all on here so  go on this link > Topshop jumpers

I defiantly going to stock up on woolly jumper because I love them! 

Bye Byeeee 

ps. I said I would do an outfit of the day everyday. Whoops... It's just I wear the same clothes a lot so it would be boring and I'm really bad at taking pictures of myself so I will do one when I am wearing a decent outfit and when I can get a good picture :) 

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