Were Lost In Time...

Make do And Mend...

I thought I'd show you a kinda cool accessory, Badge, keyring, charm, broach thing I made out of stuff around my jewellery box, which would of eventually been thrown away if I didn't save them with my clever little idea :')
Sorry for the quality of the photo, I took it on Sophie's Blackberry when i was bored waiting for ere to come out of her interview :)

chain: part of a end of a broken necklace (cut with pliers) 
Pendent/locket: from a primarni necklace I brought which broke on the way home :'(
All beads: From the same broken necklace as the chain
Safety Pin: Can be brought from any sewing or hardware shop :)

Freya's Step By Step Guide! ;)

Open up the safety pin, and carefully with pliers tease open the circle bit opposite the clasp, so its big enough for beads to twirl round it

add on your favourite beads and chains, or even other safety pins on to the pin by passing over the circular end to the side were the clasp doesn't open



its as easy ad 1,2,3 

Hope you found this helpful,
Freya And Sophie 

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