Sunday Ramble!

This isn't an official weekly thing or anything it just happens every now again (we've done it twice) so hello! 

I am currently revising for mock exams (Yay! How deeply interesting! -.-) Actually, I'm not revising if I'm doing this... But I was revising. So it still counts. 

So, we announced the give-away ages ago but we haven't really organised anything since... But we're going to stop talking about it until we have the prizes and have sorted everything out, but we're still going to do one... just be patient!

For once I actually can't ramble! The one time when it's okay to ramble it's not actually working! (omg have you seen how many times I said "actually"?) 

Well this counts as a ramble because I just randomly rambled randomly about random things and it only took be about 2mins so there we go! BYE!!

I love this picture!!!

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