I wish upon a star...

Oh my goodness! It's Wednesday (really?) and we haven't done the wishlist! It is because of the surreal weeks that have gone by and Monday - which is normally wishlist day - was a bank holiday or what not and lots of madness going on - I will not go in to detail but I'm sure you've heard about the classic Disney style weekend of fairy tale weddings and evil villains being killed - We seem to have missed out the Wishlist for quite sometime, so here we go! 
I seem to aimlessly ramble... quite a lot.

 Aztec Hot pants - Newlook 

Sophia Dollybow - Dollybowbow
Me and Freya both have one of these already and they are so easy to use and you can wear them no matter what kind of hair you have 

Ark - Blue Chinos
COLOUR-BLOCKING MATERIAL - no, I'm not obsessed with colour blocking...

Primark - Seaside Dress
I don't think primark sell these anymore but I really wish I brought one... ebay?

Sorry it's a tad short but I'm in a little bit of a rush so speedy wishlist! Hope you liked it! 
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Bye bye!

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