Guests of the Royal Wedding

Sorry to be going on about it if your one of those cynical people who doesn't enjoy a good wedding, but just a few more posts perhaps? This one is about all the different (good and bad) outfits of the Royal Wedding- I'm not going to judge (well, I'll try not too), it's for you to decide if you think they are dressed for the occasion or not.


Nude tones are perfect for any occasion, they can look classy and elegant or causal for everyday wear, but these lovely people look amazing in these colours and elegant dresses. 

Colour blocking

Some people may think that bright colours are inappropriate for a wedding but these ladies pull it off perfectly with their stylish dresses in contrasting colours.


Navy can be a dull and monotonous, but these guests look elegant with their navy outfits- perfect for a wedding.

I can't promise that there will or won't be anymore posts about the wedding (I love how people call it THE wedding, it's like it's THE biggest wedding of all time ever and the most important thing at the moment- well, it is quite an important wedding.) 

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