Your like an Indian Summer in the Middle of Winter...

 This was suppose to be a sort of "outfit of the day" post but me (Sophie), Freya (yes, Freya) and Meera (our lovely yellow t-shirted friend on the second to last picture), took my camera out and went a bit snappy-happy and took hundreds (I haven't counted but we probably did) of random pictures so here they are! 

Freya's Sunglasses, Primark 

Primark Brogues

Reflective windows!

Baby ducks!

It's Meeeera!
(she's colour blocking without realising!!)

The sunsetting through Freya's sunglasses
I'm going to put an outfit post on the the next post in about 5-10minutes...

It was lovely speaking with you this evening, however I must be off now as my small brother is making me play Portal 2 with him on the Xbox.

So that was today's marvellous group of pictures and we shall speak tomorrow, hopefully, when I will have more joyful photographs!


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