Running in heels?

Check These Heels Out from Nike!
I'm not sure whether i like them or not, Its quite different from the Nike we all know... And hate...
Will we be seeing everyone wearing them?
Not with hefty price tag of $100-$150
I suppose there a more sophisticated version of the trainers, but with a heel that size, i don't know if anyone can walk in them for longer than 10 mins
But the question is were would you wear them?
Out clubbing with a dress
Or in the day with tracksuit bottoms
all these points need to be considered when choosing whether to buy a expensive pair of high heel trainers...

lots of love 
freya and sophie 

currently eating cake :) and going to walk my dog


  1. I think they'd be hot with a jersey, but I'd never wear that. :)

  2. good Idea :)
    But i wont be wearing them anytime soon either x