Review Of The Week - The Dolly Bow

The Dolly Bow 

Sophie brought Me a Dolly Bow for my birthday back in November i now i will never look back!

They are hand made and have a thicker wire than the ones you can buy from primarni or new look

however my head is quite big so the length of wire for the bow bit is really small and sometimes i can feel it slowly slipping off my head :L
but if it fits my head (just) it will most likely fit yours :)

unfortunately they don't do my print anymore, but the Dolly bow bow website has had a new makeover!
and now she has restocked up on lots of new lovely dolly bows!

Be sure to check out her other items :)
If i could i would buy everything, but unfortunately i cant :'(

she also has a blog :) 

freya and sophie 

currently getting my face of the day on- o yeahhh :)

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