I'm Sticking with you, because I'm made out of glue...

Hello there dear followers and random people who are visiting buttonnose beauty on this fine day. Neither of us have blogged in a while so I though (Hi it's Sophie) that I would say Hi and stuff. We even missed our Weekly Wishlist! But, to be honest, there's not much that we are deeply wishing for this week so it would make it difficult to write something...

Random pictures? Yes? No? Here's some anyway...

Well there we are then... None of these pictures are offically mine... there from google and tumblr and vogue and stuff... I just thought I would show some pictures as I haven't really wrote/typed/spoke recently and I'm going away for a few days so even less posts! But I'm sure Freya will come and say hello, oh how I love to aimlessly ramble!

So remember people- we have a giveaway coming up so GET FOLLOWING because you can only enter if you follow us! We'll give the details when we have the prizes and stuff. And, more feedback? We're thinking of doing youtube videos but we're not sure what you people want so MORE FEEDBACK!


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