Sunday Ramble....

Thought I should start writing more on this blog, and keep you in touch with whats happened in the past week :)

firstly, apart from the fact that i've been tired... ive been trying to find ways to publish our blog, Ive been blogging for nearly 3 months now and now, im addicted! however once you start getting followers you cant help but want more! I was so excited when we nearly got 16 followers in the first month but now the steady flow of page views and followers seems to have stopped, i think we've even lost a couple of followers along the way...
hopefully one day our blog will hit 1000 followers, i know that this will definitely take time but ive wanted to blog for so long now and i cant help but want more :)

blogs that have inspired me:
  • Dolly bow bow
  • Beauty crush
  • Dulce Candy
  • Elle and Blair fowler
If im going to meet my target of getting our blog out there i need you!
Feel free to leave comments, emails or tweets telling us what you feel we need to do, because your views mean everything!
all of our email and twitter details are on the post before,
so what are you waiting for?!

lots of love
freya and sophie 

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