Oh for the love of VASELINE :)

Our favourite cheap product that we all know and love, but i bet you didn't know that it can be used for other beauty related things our than our dry lips :)
  1. Place a little Vaseline on eyelashes every night, people say it keeps them strong and longer, many beauty addicts swear by this
  2. put Vaseline on your feet before bed (yes i knoww, its weirdd) And put socks over your feet over night equals=Soft feetss :)
  3. put Vaseline on your elbows daily, to stop that horrid sore feeling
  4. Put Vaseline on your cuticles daily to make them look pampered all day :)
  5. its handy for removing stuck rings, a nightmare in shops when trying them on..
The new Vaseline must haves:
original (what the tips were based on) :)
Rosy lips
Coco butter!
spf Vaseline
Aloe vera Vaseline

All good drugstore or even supermarkets shops sell Vaseline So i suggest you get one of these 'wonder' tins because there only £1- £2.50!

We were not paid by any of the companies mentioned and non of the products were sent to me

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