Weekly wishlist 15/02/2011

hey people!
this is our first post (wow)
this is a lovely list of lovely things we wish to own this week!

from top to bottom
Turban- we think these turbans are pretty cool and it's woolly! Which is a bonus because of the coldness of winter and knitwear is really in this season!

Military Boots- there are a lot of variations of these stylish military boots but these are more amazing! we love the vintage worn affect of the leather and the brass studs, which are also in this season.

Meerkats- we all love meerkats... but we don't think they are really pet like... never mind, they are still amazingly cute!

Ring- this ring is unique because it lays sideways, that's different! and its big, so in this case, bigger is better!

Nail Polish- this is barry m instant nail effects nail polish. you apply it over a normal nail polish and it has an interesting cracked look, but some people say it just looks like chipped nail polish... but of course they're just silly.


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