Good and Bad outfits from THE BRITS 2011

The Brits is the biggest music event of the year, so we've put together some pictures and we're going to tell you about the amazing outfits of the winners and other celebs that were there :)

Ellie Goulding in her nude flowing dress, looking naturally pretty as always.

Avril Lavigne with her rainbow hair and silly hand gestures, grow up please.

Mark Ronson has black and white hair. Simple as that.

Mumford and Sons won the BIGGEST (not literally) award- the Best British Album of the Year. I'm not really sure of their style but they look amazing and it totally suits their indie/folk style of music (ilovethem)

Arcade Fire won two awards- well done them! And look at there unique western style (I want that gold dress!)

Rihanna had an flowery wedding dress? Well it's pretty I suppose...

Jessie J won a Brit too. She looked interesting in her tight, yet puffy, black, yet green, dress thing.

Tinie Tempah won two Brits and looked amazing in his white suit and Ray Ban glasses- can I say any more?

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