Clothes for only £9.87?!

I saw a advert for a website which sold a range of fashionable and up to date clothes, expecting the clothes to be expensive i checked the website out, to my surprise all the clothes on the website were only £9.87! Bargin! 
They also have premium range of clothes costing £19.97 which includes a leather jacket!

Some of my Favorite pieces:
Lace Panel Dress
One of my favourite dresses for £9.87
i really like the blazer with the detail on the sleeves, it would look nice with jeans and open with a printed tee with high heels and its only £9.87!

They also have a premium Range and the dresses are beautiful
Pink Summer Dolly Dress
I really like this chalky pink sheer dress, it would be flattering for summer
Check it out at my987wardrobe.com

Sophie and Freya xx

we are not associated with any of the companies mentioned

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