Now I know what you're thinking. I live in bloody England and I've bought myself some pretty snazzy glasses in the midst of storm Katie. I know, I know.

The Quay 'Kosha 1.3'

Quay is an Australian brand that I stumbled across whilst shopping in Topshop, they have a concession stand in my local one selling copious amounts of pretty sunglasses. Knowing me though, trying on every single pair I still went for the black ones. Woops.

They're kinda like a subtle cat eye cross with a wayfarer, I love them because they compliment my eyeliner so well, and although pretty understated they have something different about them with the way they're shaped.

For only £25 quid they're a bit of a bargain with how well they're made and how individual they are. Topshop also threw in a free glasses case! (they must have known how much stuff I have lurking at the bottom of my bag)

Find them here

I'll stop babbling about sunglasses now, but be warned. I'm addicted.



Artist of the week

Welcome to the weekly installment of Artist of the week!! 
(I've only done this once, but it will be a weekly thing hopefully)

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@freyajessamine) I constantly post photos of songs and artists I'm listening to, and Tourist is one of my absolute faves.

 (Taken from my Instagram, I listen to most of my stuff through Soundcloud) 

His music pairs vocals with electronic beats to create the ultimate dance music. His stuff ranges from upbeat tracks to gospel inspired songs, its worth listening to a range of his stuff to listen to his full range of talent.

'Tonight' is a chilled out track with some good bass thrown in, and really shows what Tourist is about. Plug some high quality headphones in and listen to him!

Let me know what you think. 

Freja x


Crosley curiser review

A couple of months ago I decided it was finally time to buy myself a vinyl player, I have always wanted one and fell in love with Crosleys aesthetically pleasing design.

First things first, the techy bits.
I have the Crosley cruiser three speed portable turntable in a light blue, this particular model includes:
  • Three speeds (33, 45 and 78 rpm)
  • Stereo speakers 
  • RCA output
  • headphone jack   

I've had my Crosley a while now and love the ability to play vinyls, the way they sound is amazing and I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a vinyl player if you're a bit of a music geek like myself. However there's a few niggly bits with my Crosley that I thought were worth pointing out if you are interested in buying this particular one. Firstly, as you can see on the last picture, 33" records (which are typically the size of modern vinyls now) don't really fit on. The edge hangs off making the first song or two on the vinyl a bit jumpy if you're not as still as a plastic garden gnome. You get my jist? You're not able to close the lid on the player when you have a record playing which is a bit annoying and the volume doesn't go up that high either, but you do have the option of buying some speakers to link up to it, which I intend to do. 

It's a pretty little thing that fits into your decor and looks great. It enables you to play awesome music which sounds pretty good. I love mine. Despite some teeny issues I've played stuff on it almost every day. I'd say for a beginner its amazing, it helps you ease into the world of vinyl without spending a bomb. 

I can't wait to buy a record player for every room now. Gramophone? Yes please.

Freja x

I might do a vinyl collection if anyone is interested, let me know!


Winged eyeliner love

I wear winged eyeliner all day everyday.

As the years have gone by my wings have grown until they nearly touch the end of my eyebrows. Too far? Maybe.. 

Sometimes I draw dots under my wings, draw my eyeliner on with white pencil and then draw above it with black liner and other times when I'm feeling sassy I use a coloured eyeshadow to follow my wing from underneath my eye. 
I'm. Obsessed. Help.

Eyeliner: Collection 200 (The cheapest stuff but the longest staying)

Just a quick one!
Love Freja x

Ps happy 2016!!